Our Vision and Mission

To provide financial solutions that help ordinary people meet their needs and pursue their dreams through excellent and fast financial service.

BUILD long-lasting partnership with our customers by being responsive to their changing needs and exceeding their expectations.

HONOR its commitment in developing sustainable earnings and growth for our business while delivering “value” and ensuring equity and fairness in pricing.
FORM a professional and capable team and provide an inspiring work environment.

Core values

Cash Uganda operates under a set of core values and objectives that are evident in our interactions with each other, customers, vendors and shareholders. These values are:

  • To provide our customers with the best services and products possible without compromising sustainability and profitability
  • To give back to the community part of our blessings in practice of our corporate social responsibility with emphasis on education, sports development and environmental protection
  • To value the interests of others above ourselves and strive to consistently meet our customers’ needs.
  • To build an enduring partnership with our customers by endlessly delighting them.
  • To illustrate the virtue of negotiating on the basis of one’s values, of trading value for value and earning a profit in the process. In-short to illustrate the beauty of capitalism.